Saturday, April 13, 2013

Second Reveal..........drum roll .... My bead Soup!

Lupe Meter, Sent me this bead soup.......well I, being very new to making any kind of jewelry was totally stumped on what to do with her beautiful polymer focal. I would just sit and look and move things around and just had no clue. I figured her focal piece should stand out so I would go with what I knew best, simple! Heres the soup she sent me and the beautiful focal piece! And here is what I've come up with. I actually no longer have it in my possession. My daughter was modeling it for me and when she went home, it went home with her. She doesn't wear much jewelry but it looked beautiful on her so I didn't mind it leaving at all. Lupe, I hope you like what I've made with your beautiful soup and focal piece! Since I'm late getting started I need to get going on seeing this second reveal and I'm starting with For the rest of the list of blogs head over here....... Be sure to look at Loris' blog first, her soup there is beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by sue