Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Freebees for you!

Do you like freebees? I do so while I was getting coupons and signing up for freebees ( a glade gift tin for today) I started thinking that maybe YOU might like some freebees! SO, here is where I go. Today's Free List!To check out Today's List of 100% Real Freebies, just click on the link below, thanks and enjoy! http://www.shop4freebies.com
You can sign up to get on their list and each day they send you an email with freebees and you can check around their site. They have coupons to print, a forum where you can learn about more free things and more! I've gotten tons of free things from travel size items for our vacation to a free metal water bottle for earth day! Go ahead take a look and if you get any really good freebees be sure and let me know!! LOL
Bye till then,

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