Thursday, November 18, 2010

Making Earrings........hmmmmm

Ok, so I love earrings but I'm not sure how I feel about making them. I have a bunch I've made for myself and I wear them all the time. Crazy color beads and ear wires I've made for what I feel comfortable with. I used to wear gold hoops, years ago before I started lampworking. Always the same, plain old boring hoops. Now I have COLOR! Lots of it too!! Making for myself, easy. I make a quick little ear wire from a tutorial I found several years back, for making the ear wires. It consists of a piece of wood, a dowel and I have a bunch of nails sticking out of it, depending on the size I want. Its hideous looking! I actually caught my husband trying to throw it away once cause he thought our 8 year old made it. How bad is that??? LOL
Any hoo, I have a couple listed in my shops that I've made and actually sold a few. Last night tho, I decided that I wanted to put more of an effort. Why? Well at some point I'd like to do a few shows......and since I don't think most people will buy just beads at a show I need to learn to make jewelry more. SO, I made these, and really I think they came out cool. I was very tempted to keep them myself, really. I love the color, and well since I stink at the whole loop/wire wrap thing these are perfect. The silver with the blue looks great too, and I'm not really a blue girl....more of a pink person but thats another story. LOL Ok, the earrings.

I've been trying to learn a bit of metalsmithing too. I bought the book "The complete Metalsmith" By Time McCreight. Carry it around with me and read read read.
SO, I've made a few things.....made a spinner ring, tried some viking knit (didnt' like that at all)made a simple sterling band and this. I made the cab with a red I really love to use, then purchased the bezel cup (I'm not that ready to try that yet)
and the wire came from a trade so long ago and I've finally found a sweet use for it! want to see?
So, what do you think? Any hints, ideas, tips?
I bet your still thinking of my earring thingy aren't you? Well, if you are, comment here and I'll try to find where I got it from and if I can't do that then I will post a pic. Its really horrible looking tho so hopefully I can find the site I got it from LOL
Sue aka glassymom


  1. cute earrings and I love the ring. Those little rings are really hot right now. Where do you buy the little bezel cups. I have all my supplies for doing some soldering but haven't gotten beyond fuzing fine silver.

  2. Hello,
    I purchased them from a vendor on ebay. He is Silversmithsupply and he's from Venice FL.
    He has lots of great stuff, good prices, quick shipping and I've ordered a bunch of things from him. He has the cutest little bezel cups too!! LOL