Friday, May 13, 2011

A little new and whats keeping me so busy!

SO, I've been working on some new things. I love bright colors and I love making fish so I've been making some brightly colored fish.......and beads too :) But other things have been keeping me busy too. We started a garden since moving to a new house with a huge yard! I've always wanted chickens too so we got 3. Yea, not too many and actually today i'm going to go get a few more babies. The three we started with were chicks when we got them and now they are huge. They follow me around and our 2yo daughter and almost 2yo grand daughter enjoy petting them. I usually find them in their pen! LOL We don't know wether they are roosters or hens yet but hopefully all three will be hens. I'm sure my neighbors would appreciate them being all hens too! LOL

SO some pictures to share!
Beau the fish, Sabrinas cousin. He is a colorful fish, trying to attract the ladies. Quite handsome I think!

There are two others in my Etsy Shop, shelly and sabrina (beaus cousin)

These beads I LOVE, colorful, fun, bright!! My kind of beads......I hope you like them too! There are several different sets in my Etsy Shop too!

A pic of my garden, it doesn't look very big but it is and I've cleared out alot more space. Now I have alot planted and we are really enjoying the fresh veggies! Just wish I had a tiller because by hand is SOOOO hard!!

Lastly, our baby chicks. We got them April 19 and they are huge already. Here they are sleeping in their food dish, so cute!

I hope you are having a great summer and thanks for stopping by!!
Till next time,
Sue aka glassymom

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