Saturday, September 1, 2012

Roosters and Chickens

So, I really love chickens and roosters too! We had a rooster but he kept biting my daughter who was only 2 at the time so we had to find a new home for Beau. A year later she still asks about him. We do have 3 hens tho, Samantha, Maranda and Charlotte. My little one, Lela, loves to head out each morning with me to let them out of their coop, feed and water them. She LOVES to check for eggs! I have always had a love for chickens and roosters and for birthdays and Christmas I usually was gifted one. I had to slow down a bit with the collecting because we didn't have any room but since moving 2 years ago I started up again......this time to include the real ones too!! Its only fitting that I make chicken beads!! I've made several styles over the last few years and you can see the ones I have in my etsy shop are more of a folk art style. This time I decided I wanted to go for roosters. They are so beautiful. So many different styles, colors and even head/comb shapes! So, here is my first...... I really love how he looks! I plan on making more just as soon as I get comfortable with my larger new press since I need a larger working area. :) So, what do you think? He isn't listed anywhere cause I have really been enjoying looking at him and holding him and my little Lela really likes him a lot too. I cant wait to make more!!

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