Monday, May 12, 2014

Here I am, yoo hoo........yes, I'm here!

I know, I know. I'm terrible at keeping up with my blog! between the kids, Tony 11, Lela 5 both home schooled, 7 chickens, 5 chihuahuas, it gets quite busy. And to top that off Chowder, our middle sons chihuahua, broke his leg. I was staying at my daughters for the weekend and took all 5 dogs and the two youngest kids. My daughter had 2 chihuahuas (yes, ALL are related LOL) they were so excited to be together and running around like crazy nuts on the tile floor, up on to the couch, off the back of the couch, around through the kitchen, dining room and back to the living room on the couch. All on tile floors........yea, it was pretty crazy. We heard this awful cry and when we ran in chowder was lying on the floor with this horrible puppy scream. I picked him up and noticed his little foot was going the wrong way. I am a baby so I immediately started crying with him! We called a local vet, woke the kiddos up, now Tony, lela and my grand baby Isabella 4, got them dressed and jumped in the car for the long ride through a florida downpour........ during a typical florida "rush hour" bumper to bumper! It was awful. He broke his leg, both bones...... and was after 3 hours sent home with a pressure splint, cone of shame and pain meds. We were told to return in a week. Its been almost two weeks now, he has seen the twice and is due to go again at the end of this week. My son has a going to try and raise a bit of money to help since he works at legoland and this is a slow time so his hours are cut to 2 days right at this about bad timing! Any hoo, things have been crazy here!
I myself have joined a facebook group, Lampwork Beads For Sale, and I have been selling my beads on there. Its great and keeping me busy making beads.
Heres a few new things I've been doing........I've been on a bead pair for earrings kinda kick! Not sure why but its where I'm at right now. LOL

yup, all pairs. Only the colorful ones and the pink ones are listed on the Lampwork Beads For Sale group right now. The others will probably be listed over the next few days and its done auction style. So if you find your interested in any of them just holler at me!!

So I guess that's it for now, hopefully things will slow down a bit, fingers crossed :-)
till next time

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