Thursday, July 9, 2009

New work, new ideas!

New work, lots of it. It just piles up on my desk waiting for photos and listings! That stuff takes so much time and I'd SO rather be creating! LOL Seems everytime I go to use my camera the batteries are dead and once they are done charging the good light is gone. So the new work sits here waiting!

Lately I have lots of new ideas! My sketch book is smoking hot with all the little sketches! Not all I can imagine can I acomplish at the torch, unfortunately. Sometimes I just can't do it. I would imagine that some is my level of skills and some I just haven't figured out the correct way to start. It will come to me tho, usually at like 2am when I dont have my sketchbook by my bed or someone ran off with my pen! I'll scurry to the living room where my chihuahuas are sleeping and the'll think its morning and I'll have to take them out quick. Hopefully not waking anyone in the process.

I've had the urge for buttons lately. They are fun to make and I have been getting carried away with them. They are getting bigger each time. I keep trying to think of a way to use them other than the usual way to use a button, nothing good yet tho!

SO, this is some of what I took out of my kiln this am! I just love how they all look together, all the bright colors!! YUM

The ones on the bottom right, new idea.......not what I'm wanting to do but I'm practicing before I get there. Some earing pairs, 3 buttons, a big hole star type bead, a heart oh and 2 cabachons!They are so much fun to make!! The top one on the left has a pretty pink flower made with a CIM glass! YUM, what a pretty pink that is!!

So, I guess i've rambled enough. Most of these will be listed in my Etsy shop or Artfire shop with in the next few days since I was able to photo them tonight. A couple are already listed just before writing this. So I hope you like them, all bright and colorful. Have a great weekend.

Till later,

Sue aka glassymom


  1. I'm sooo glad I popped over to read your blog. You reminded me that my camera battery needed to be charged. LOL Thanks.
    As always - I absolutely love your bright happy colors. I'm gonna have to get one of those cab mandrels I think. I'd say the button mandrel too but I'm not sure I'd stick with it. I'm still bummed about all the $$ I spent on those knob mandrels. I still use them but not enough to really make it worthwhile.

  2. Oh thanks for the warm EtsyFest welcome! Amazing work, in love with the bright colors and texture--heading over to check it all out on etsy and artfire!
    kindly, Jessica