Friday, May 14, 2010

Spacers, Spacers and MORE Spacers!!

Spacers! I like making spacers and I work tiny so my spacers are tiny. When I go out to my studio and I have no idea what to start with I make spacers. Normally when I have an idea I draw it out in my sketch book, then I look through my book, make a list of things I want to try. When I head out to the studio I grab the list. But there are some days that I just don't feel it. So, I sit and make spacers. I was just including them with some of my sets but one day for the heck of it I decided to make a few listings with them. Well lets just say they took off. I have been making spacers every time at the torch now. And its fun to choose colors groups but also to use glass that I hadn't been using, glass that just sat there like my lemongrass, jupiter and lavender! I really love to etch the transparent beads, they look so pretty all together and the little bouquet coming out of the kiln with all the beads on mandrels is just so sweet! Right now I'm working on a custom order for spacers......I'm almost at the 300 mark! Only another 500 more to go.......LOL Heres a few group shots of them. Some are etched, some are left shiny. Either way they are all so pretty. Looking for spacers, check out my Etsy shop I can also make custom amount/colors for you too!! I know some don't like making spacers but I really enjoy working with glass regardless of whether its spacers, cabochons or bright colorful beads, its all good!!


  1. an order in the hundred for spacers would totally kill my joy and I know I would avoid the torch out of dread. go you for getting it all knocked out!

  2. Thanks Kelley!! It is my only "ME" time so I enjoy every moment of it AND I like making spacers!! LOL