Friday, March 12, 2010

A Spotlight on Mark from Milwaukee

A while back Mark purchased some custom made beads from my etsy shop. He liked a design I had but wanted it a bit different for his designs. I was happy to make up what he wanted and sent them off. The other day Mark wrote to me and sent pictures of his design. WOW!! I absolutely love seeing what designers have done with the beads I make!
Mark said "I used the basic design from Beadstyle magazine, Sept. 2004, called Make Waves."
Now Mark doesn't have a website but if you'd like to contact him you can email him at

Now, drum roll please.............................

So, what do you think? Beautiful, I just love it!!

Till next time,
Sue aka glassymom

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  1. Amazing! So neat to see creative work made with handmade materials!