Saturday, February 20, 2010

So, why do I live in Florida again?

Why its the warm sunshine of course! Lately the sun has deserted us and left us feeling cold and blah! At least that's how I feel. Heck, I cant torch.........well I could but shivering while sitting with a hot mandrel and molten glass in front of a big flame is not such a good idea. My husband tries to get me out there.....he lures me out their with the promise of heat.......yea, enough to keep SOME of my toes warm!! You would think in a studio that is 6 ft by 9ft with a kiln at nine hundred and some degrees and fire blazing right there in front of me I'd be warm right? NOT, that little fan of mine, the one to keep me safe just SUCKS all the warm air right out!!!
Gees, I need to get out there.......WHERE is the sun??? My sketch pads are getting full, my desk has little piles of drawings, my check book is full of sketches, heck who writes checks these days anyway?? LOL
So, I started on florals just before all this cold hit. I was reading everything I could about making them, every tutorial on and subscribing to the threads so as to not miss anything and ordered a better clear and practiced till that got here, which was very quick from I might add......... I got 2 nights with the new glass!!! That's it! after all that practicing, ordering......stamen making, stringer pulling...........2 DARN NIGHTS!!! Then the cold hit. BOY I am really ready to get out there and get making more florals. I like doing the copper etching its lots of fun but I usually save that for the weekends when dh is working and I cant get out to the torch....... oh yea, it is the weekend isn't it?! So, one more weekend day and then Monday. WILL IT BE WARM???? Gosh lets hope so! In the mean time, I'll leave you with a couple pics of my new florals! The first one, pink and my favorite, I wire wrapped with sterling and swarovski's in a pretty pink! That one is in my etsy shop. The next one, in red! For red, I love this roses are not always my favorite but this one is pretty but its not listed anywhere, it sits on my desk, just waiting for me to do something with it or list it or or or.......
Till next time, enjoy the pics and I hope you are staying warm!!
aka glassymom

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