Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wow, has it been that long?

Since september, really? What a slacker! So, life gets hectic and busy, what can ya do. We took our 7 year old out of public school to home school again. He was only in public school for 4 months. I'm suprised it lasted that long but anyways along with home schooling every weekday we also had our oldest son get married, and not only got a new daughter in law but also two lovely grand daughters! Our son was married November 6th and then deployed January 6th to Ft Hood where he awaits Deployment to Kuwait at the end of the month.
We are totally enjoying our first grandbaby girl Bella, who is now 8 months old. It is amazing to watch her and and our youngest (lela 15 months) together!
And yes, I have been making beads and a bit more copper etchings. I have been struggling to make florals since I first started lampworking. After almost 5 years of trying here and there I finally have florals I'm happy with. Of course a new brand of clear glass has really helped too!
So, hopefully tomorrow I can get a few pictures of my new beads but until then I'll leave you with a picture of my new copper etching and lampwork pendant I have made. Its simple, colorful and fun. It isnt listed for sale yet, hopefully tomorrow.
Until then, I'm off to bed. Hopefully it wont be another 5 months before I post here again!

See you soon,

Sue aka glassymom


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! Love the etching... welcome back! :)

  2. love the metal work sue...a beautiful pendant...

  3. Thanks Eileen! I like working with the copper......if there were only more hours in the day!! LOL