Monday, December 20, 2010

I want to learn to knit!

So, for a long time I have wanted to learn to knit. I have asked friends, relatives but no one knew to teach me. I tried to learn on the internet and still no luck. Until one day I found a series of videos on youtube and it was like a light going off. Now I'm not quite a pro at it...LOL Not even close. I've learned to cast on, knit, pearl and one other thing that I can't remember LOL The last few nights I've sat in front of the computer with my yarn and needles, following the steps over and over. The yarn and needles were given to me via freecycle. (not famiular with freecycle, check it out at So, here is one of my little swatches. The first one is misshapen and I think I dropped a few stitches but I haven't learned to pick those up yet....maybe tonight. LOL
So what do you think? Am I ready for a scarf? LOL Na, not quite yet but soon I hope. Maybe by next Christmas I will be giving all the females in my family scarfs!!

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