Sunday, December 26, 2010

The making of a ring!

A pretty little silver ring with a pretty pink stone. It didn't start out that way, infact it started out as a glass rod, piece of silver wire and bezel cup. Looking like this........
The glass rod was cut into a small piece and with a whole bunch of others it went in to the kiln to slump. After a whole night in the kiln it came out looking quite different from the rod. Its a very dark almost maroon looking color. I then cleaned it and set aside. The wire was the most fun, hammering all the frustrations of the day into it. I love that part!! LOL After hammering, I sanded a bit of what would be the inside, its easier then doing it after its round. I shaped it, hammered on it more, shaped it more, filed the ends to get a good match. Then I soldered it together with silver solder. Once together I gave it a light sanding again...still need to do more as you can see in the picture but I was just so excited to show it! Its actually the second one I've made but the first one was with a twisted wire and I didn't get to do any hammering, also the cab was made different. The first cab was made in the torch and then put into the kiln while this one was made from a cutting off a rod and then slumped in the kiln, same ending result tho.
Heres a picture of the one with the twisted wire and the torch made cab just as comparison
I really like the start to finish made from scratch feeling! Its like making a cake or pie from scratch......a good feeling when your done. Even better when the person your making it for really loves it. Sure hope my daughter loves it, she hasn't seen it as of yet....but maybe she'll read this and see its finished! LOL As for the other one, well as soon as I get around to it I'm going to list it in my Etsy shop. If its something you'd like me to get right on then drop me an email and tell me to get right on it!! LOL
SO, what do you think? Please tell...........


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