Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost October, really?

Wow, I can't believe its October tomorrow! I've been so busy and time has just flown right by. We put in a koi pond and I've been working in the garden, veggies and flowers. We also have 3 new chickens, olive eggers. They came to stay with us on my
birthday in August. They are just getting to the point where they will follow me if they are hungry for something other than bugs. They free range all day but seem to enjoy their food at breakfast, lunch and dinner time LOL
They have also influenced my work a bit lately. I've made a few chicken pendants and chicken sets. I love how the pendants came out. Here, have a look
and another

And a few sets

Most are listed in my etsy shop already, with exception to the black with ochre dotted pendant, that hasn't been listed yet.
So, now you know a little of what i've been up to. You can see some flowers and new headpins listed also. I've been working on sunflowers and chili's for custom orders lately so keep an eye out and you may see the extras listed soon....I always over make to be sure there is plenty of choices with a custom order :)
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