Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mothers Day Auction with Handmadeology

So, I got this in my email, to submit items for a Mothers day auction on a site called Tophatter. Its a Mothers day auction by handmadeology and they will pick 40 items from shops submitted. I submitted my shop but who knows. It would be nice to be picked but I'm certainly going to check out this site and might even try a few things. I've been slowly hearing more and more mentioned about it. SO, have you tried the site? Do you like it? I will post back at a later time and let you know how it went for me. If you happen to stop over there, look for me and perhaps you might even find something to bid on...who knows! If you are looking for a unique one of a kind Mother's day gift for mom this year, be sure to check out our live Mother's Day Auction on May 5th. Join us during this live and exciting auction event where you will discover 40 handcrafted items that moms will love!

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