Saturday, April 21, 2012

Been that long already?

Wow, its hard to believe its been 5 months since I last posted here! Time flies when your having least that is what they say. LOL I'm still here doing the same things, working around the house, making beads, tending to the chickens and garden, home schooling our 9 year old, and so much else that comes with being a mom. We did get to the Glass Crafters show in Las Vegas the beginning of April. It was really great, a well needed vacation and an opportunity to buy some needed supplies and cool stuff! I got some "new to me" glass, some tools and the most awesome button mold! I wanted a button mold, it was on my list of things to buy but this one......this is awesome! I've been using it to make headpins! LOL Headpins you say? Yes, it has the coolest shapes or should I say cavities. A total of 8 of them, with 4 on each side. I love to make glass headpins and this makes them a little different and really cool. Want to see a picture? ok......
Cute aren't they! They are much larger than I usually make and it gives more room to play! They are fairly easy to make. I cut my copper (my fave to use) or brass, clip in a hemostat, heat up the tip. Careful on brass cause it sparks if you heat too much. I just give it enough heat for the glass to stick. Copper, well I melt the tip a tiny bit, it will start to ball and then I add the glass. add glass, shape,more glass,shape to desired and give a good heat again and pop in kiln. Try not to heat too much at the base so you don't melt the headpin. Also, make sure you have enough glass between the tip and the tip of the metal. The first time I made them I had copper showing oops!! Well, I will definitely work on being more regular here and maybe next time I will snap a few pics of the progress of our yard. We have been here almost 2 years now and it really feels like home now! Got the kids a swimming pool, its a 12 x 30 but it is perfect for the little ones....and even our new baby chihuahua zoe likes it. Till next time, sue

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