Friday, April 3, 2009

Last night was for HOPE

HOPE Bracelet Project that is! I have been slowly adding to my box of beads to send. Last night after I finished a couple I needed to finish sets I spent the rest of the time making beads for HOPE. Tonight if my honey isn't too tired from work I will leave him to watch the kiddos and I will work on more. I dont' usually work on the torch on the weekends but maybe this weekend I'll give it a try.
If you havent heard or want to help here is the link. It is a wonderful feeling to help and this is my second year. There are so many different programs out there and I've found the one that I feel compelled to help with. I did make beads for Beads of Courage (another great way to help) and may soon again but for now I need to finish up my 100+ beads for HOPE! Check them out when you can. There are also some great pics of Kim Miles beads which are absolutly beautiful. Last year I received one of her hearts from the drawing they have after all the beads are sent in. I was SO thrilled to receive it!! So, go take a look and maybe you too will want to help!!
Till later,
Sue aka glassymom

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