Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yum Cupcakes!

A new picture of my fresh from the oven! Cupcakes, what fun. I like making cupcakes, not the kind that make a mess but taste so yummy but the kind that I make in the torch and then put in the oven (kiln) ! I'm not much of a cook in the kitchen but I can cook in my studio and its so much more fun! Although I do cook a nice batch of peanut butter cookies with my 6yo on occasion. So, here they are, fresh from the oven.........there is also a nice set of "festive rounds" and oh, the cutest little space ship burried under there. That is for a friend and a project of his, which I cant wait to see and I'm thrilled to be a part of! (thanks Terry!)

Thats it for now........got to get the little one going on some more school work.

Till later,

Sue aka glassymom


  1. Those are gorgeous, Sue! I'm a fellow FEST member...and a follower of your blog, now! WOuld you like to trade links?

    I'm determined to learn lampworking, some day really soon. Do you ever do classes? I'm in Jacksonville, but I could travel!

  2. As always you do beautiful work, would you travel to Calif for training??