Friday, March 13, 2009

My beads in a bracelet!

WOW, Its so seldom that I get to see jewelry made with beads I've created. I dont know why that is but it is. Well Joan from Baker's Design sent me several pictures of bracelets she has made. They are beautiful and she really made me happy by sharing a few pictures! Joan doesn't have an Etsy shop yet.........but you can reach her at if you are interested in finding out where she sells these beautiful bracelets! Thank you Joan!!
I do have 2 other customers that have been kind enough to send me pictures of their work but I lost everything on my computer a couple months ago.....actually the whole computer went kaput, so I dont have the pics they sent me, sadly. I do love to see what is made with the beads I create since I just dont' have that jewelry "eye" !!
Thanks Joan!!
Sue aka glassymom

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