Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creating, a messy studio and drawing for a free bead!

SO, how do you need to create? Is your studio messy and piled high with supplies or do you need everything in neat and tidy order to get started? Me, I'm messy!! There, I said it. I must have every color I own sitting on my desk. Every tool, there too! I think I need the mess, I think I need that view of all the colors mixed up on my work surface to view different color combos that might catch my creative eye! When I clean up (dust, bead release, or the occasional fried bug) I grab my rods, lift and then sweep the yuck into the trash below. Then I drop my glass, gently back down. There, done, cleaned. I spend more time cleaning the rest of the studio. Mind you I work in a 6' x 9' studio, sure doesn't take much time to clean. Inside our home is where I photograph and store my beads and yes, that work space looks the same. I have loads of beads that I use for photographing there and beads that have not yet been photographed. I also have a dish of beads that I put in a freebee with all my orders and beads awaiting the etching process. Yea, I guess I just need the messy to be creative.......I know where it all is, right here on my desk, atleast it was a moment ago!! LOL

So, what about the free bead you ask? Ok here it is....... Comment on this blog entry = 1 entry, tweet about this drawing and post link here to your tweet = 2 entries, Post on your blog or your facebook about it and post your link here =2 entries.

Drawing will be held June 12th . Which is actually this little guys birthday. Your name/entries will be put on little papers and this little guy will do the drawing, he just loves this kind of stuff!!

And what do you win?

This big hole slider with brass ball chain! Bead is 20mm across and comes on an 18 inch ball chain. If you would like a 20" and you are the winner, no problem, I'll throw in a couple more inches!! LOL
SO, comment, tell me about your messy/clean studio/work area or comment about mine. Tweet, blog or facebook about it and dont' forget to post the link so I can find it and on june 12th I'll tally up all the entries and find us a winner!!
Thanks for reading!
Sue aka glassymom


  1. Your work blows me away as usual!
    I tagged you on my blog today, it's a fun pass-along. I hope you take part and enjoy as much as I did!

  2. Your studio is a little messy, but my scrapbooking area is much worse. :)

  3. I tweeted this giveaway! :)

  4. I tweeted this giveaway! Entry 2

  5. That is quite possibly the most awesome bead I have ever seen.

    Oh, and your studio doesn't hold a candle to my desk during finals! (Please don't hold a candle to my desk during finals... it'd burst into flames from all the paper.)

  6. I tweeted!

  7. Thank you ladies, got you all marked down for the drawing!!! Good luck and thanks for the tweets!!

  8. My work area is always messy. Lots of glues, papers, ink and other tools are all over the place. I guess I don't need it to be neat to be creative. I do clean it up if it gets too out of control but for the most part it is definitely messy.